The History of our Group is to build robust pieces of equipment; having solid mechanics and controlled by most advanced electronics and open to future implementations that may be foreseen at the time of manufacturing - presses and equipment which can demonstrate the philosophy of the Group when the equipment is conceived. Presses that print for forty years with the same quality and performance from day one. However, great technology also need maintenance; in the same efficient way of manufacture, they must be serviced whether issues have arisen or not.    All lines need regular inspections and maintenance - using original spare parts that guarantee efficiency and perfect compatibility. Therefore, Cerutti Group has drawn up a series of proposals, opportunities and programs for our Customers to enable utilization of the equipment at its best.
It is nowadays imperative for each printer and converter to maintain the highest levels of efficiency on their presses. The swift response to a problem can be a deciding factor; often finding the solution at once to a fault or reducing press down-time can indeed mean saving an order.
For these reasons, Cerutti Group makes available to the Customers a complete portfolio of services that are able to guarantee them a secure resource to draw upon and relieve uncertainties.
  • The Company 24/7 Cerutti Service is a telephone assistance service, a unique channel of intervention operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that will allow Customers to maximize press up-time.
  • Planned maintenance can be carried out by a specific team of technologists and engineers of longstanding experience on the basis of a detailed list of agreed activities in compliance with customer requirements.
  • Replacement parts are available - even if they become obsolete and difficult to procure.
  • Periodical services of skilled field engineers (mechanical and/or electronic) can be done in order to check equipment status, carry out the necessary adjustments to improve the efficiency, give specialized training to operators and service engineers, recommend viable modifications, retrofits, maintenance and advise on/provide spare parts.
  • The Spare Part Department provides expert consultancy and timely supply of spares, to optimize press up-time.  The high quality of our spare parts is based on internal quality control and certification - Cerutti Group original parts undergo comprehensive product and quality assurance testing before being integrated into our product line. The continual development of our original parts to the latest technical and manufacturing standards ensures a maximum durability of the parts and thus also maximum press printing availability for our customers. At our warehouses in Italy, Spain and the United States, original parts are kept available so that we can supply to any destination in the world within the shortest possible time - you are provided with the fastest delivery available at all times. Our specialists are thus always at your service for a more efficient consultation.