Cerutti Packaging Equipment

European Rotogravure Association has been hosted for its Packaging and Decorative Conference in Sublitex plant in Alba

09  novembre  2018

On Thursday 8/11, the program of the Packaging and Decorative Conference has foreseen a visit to Sublitex plant in Alba, where the innovative Cerutti tecnhology for decorative printing has been shown to the attendees

On Thursday 8th November, the program of the Packaging and Decorative Conference has foreseen a visit to the Sublitex plant in Alba.
Sublitex belongs to the Miroglio Group and it’s a leading transfer printer on various surfaces for the fashion and home furnishing industry.
The Company features modern Cerutti gravure printing technology, but also complementary digital printing on an industrial scale, having equipment suitable to manage and integrate different production processes.
Focus of the Sublitex visit has been the live printing demo carried out on the state-of-the-art Cerutti equipment for decorative, with a particular emphasis on the message of the perfect integration that Sublitex is capable to manage between different processes such as gravure and digital.

Sublitex produces 60 millions sqm. of paper and film per year.
ERA attendees have visited  its 20,000 square meter plant, located in Alba, and have seen the different technologies able to translate any design or motif onto paper and film, to give a high-grade finish to a variety of materials, such as fabric, leather, PVC, aluminium and steel.
Sublitex products are applied to polyester fabrics to create suits, dresses, T-shirts, lingerie, swimming costumes and all other kinds of clothing, sofas, curtains, cushions and all furnishing textiles.
The visit ended with the kind and appreciated greeting of Giuseppe Miroglio, President of the Miroglio Group.