Gruppo Cerutti

Latest news from Far East

13  December  2017

Satisfaction for the ongoing success in South East Asia: some significant presses have been sold, while others are on the way to be installed or already performing.

After the successful experience made since 2012 with the two 8- and 9-color R981 Cerutti machines, Plasindo confirmed in the second half of 2017 its trust in Cerutti by purchasing two new 9-color rotogravure machines of the latest model R98X air-chuck that will be delivered in the second half of 2018 to its printing plant in Cikampek (Indonesia).
The second press will be the first in the whole Indonesia to be equipped with the new version of ventilation system that Dr. Giancarlo Cerutti has presented during the ERA meeting recently held in Barcelona (Spain). 
Dr. Giancarlo Cerutti: “With Urip Cahyadi we have a strong friendship and cooperation that lasts since decades and still continues with these two new generation machines; during our latest meetings in Jakarta we have also started conceiving new possible projects that will bring new technological developments and possible investments in the coming years. I want to thank Urip Cahyadi and Timothy Cahyadi for the confidence they have (and they always have had) in us and for the boost they gave to our Company with these new important agreement”.  
Urip Cahyadi: “The performances and the quality/productivity level of Cerutti presses has always given to us high confidence. For this reason we’ve decided to confirm our trust in our Italian partner with this two new rotogravure printing machines that, we are sure, will assure us the best results also in the coming years”.

Some other recent installations in Far East have been:
  • PT Panverta Cakrakencana: at beginning of 2017 the new 10-color Cerutti machine of the latest model R98X air chuck started production in the plant of Panverta located in Pandaan (Indonesia); in the same site there are other three 9- and 10-color Cerutti machines installed in 2005, 2010 and 2015.
  • PT Penjalindo Nusantara, controlled by Gramedia Group (the biggest publishing house in Indonesia), decided to enter in the flexible packaging market with Cerutti: a new 10-color machine of the latest model R98X air-chuck has been installed in the first months of 2017 in the new production plant in Purwakarta (Indonesia).
  • Print Master Co., Ltd.: a new 8-color Cerutti machine of the latest model R98X air-chuck started production in November 2017 in the new site in Bangkok (Thailand); this is the 2nd Cerutti machine for Print Master, after the first 7-color machine installed in 2003.
  • PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur TBK: after the two Cerutti 8-color machines installed in 2001 and 2002, the giant food Company Indofood invested again last year in two new twins 8-color machines of the latest model R98X air-chuck; the new lines will start production by the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 in the new extension of the production site in Purwakarta (Indonesia).