Gruppo Cerutti

Luigi Cerutti interview

11  December  2017

Luigi Cerutti, Executive Assistant to Chairman & CEO Giancarlo Cerutti: new and smart ideas for the family business.

Luigi, you entered the family business six months ago, with the aim to quickly learn as much as possible about Cerutti and also to bring the experience you gathered in your previous work. What do you think of this first period of apprenticeship?   
It’s exciting to be part of Cerutti and represent together with my sister Costanza the fourth generation of this entrepreneurial story. I must say I find everyday people with extensive experience and a real desire to improve themselves and our products and solutions. We have in front great challenges but after about six months of apprenticeship I can say, we are ready to face them with energy and thinking positive!

New energy and ideas, a smart approach to working practices: these are all key factors in order to innovate a company. Do you think your background will be useful? Which innovations are you working on? 

My background has been widely focused on digital technologies. I spent five years working in a digital company, trying to figure out feasible business landscapes for publishers playing in the digital court. I strongly believe solutions could come out from the intersection (or maybe the collision!) between different knowledges. That's why I am convinced that bringing a digital approach to a full mechanical and manufacturing company will show benefits, even shortly. I am actually involved in the redefinition and revamping of our after sales process, that will be a turning point in our strategy and in the way of approaching the market.

You have just been appointed CEO of  24/7 Cerutti Service Company, and you are responsible for the Spare Parts Department. Are you launching new services in this field?   
The 2018 will be the year of the launch of a new full-digital platform dedicated to the 24/7 overall service.
The customer will have access through a specific reserved sign-on to different services, such as:
  • a renovated 24/7 back-office where he will be able to check and follow all the issues;
  • a website where to browse all the machines sorted by their job number and retrieve all the related technical drawings allowing a full digital end-to-end process to order a specific spare part;
  • a dashboard specifically designed to map and see all the analytics and main figures coming in real time from the machine thanks to a network of IoT sensors.
Bottom line: our approach 24/7 will change significantly! Always with the idea to bring industrialized products and customized solutions to the market.