Gruppo Cerutti

Cerutti at the Gala of Photography organized by Tannpapier, in Linz

17  October  2017

Cerutti Group is among the suppliers of this Photo Contest, which is one of the most famous all over the world

TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT is by far the largest annual salon of photography on the globe. In the last two decades, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures from nearly all countries around the world.
It is the aim of this competition to find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. Not only amateur photographers, but also internationally well known artists and professionals have been participating.
On Monday the 16th of October, 2017 the Gala Award Ceremony took place in Linz, guesting more than 500 people from all over the world, photogrphers, friends and supporters of the Prize.
Organizer of this well-known contest is Tannpapier, the Austrian Group which is leading supplier of tipping paper.
The Cerutti Family was present among the main sponsors of the initiative. Business relationship with Tann Groups dates back to the early Nineties.
"We are very proud to support such an important competition, which has established as an international benchmark of perfect photography. The pictures we saw tonight were just amazing! Congratulations to Trierenberg Super Circuit for such an impressing result" said Dr. Giancarlo Cerutti at the end of the event.