Gruppo Cerutti

Cerutti highly satisfied of Print4All 2018 results!

04  giugno  2018

Cerutti Packaging Equipment has presented at Print4All 2018 its R98X printing press for packaging printing featuring a new generation of innovative drying hoods, together with the newly born Service Division called STAR.

Cerutti has exhibited at Print4All 2018 the consolidated and successful gravure printing unit for packaging and specialties printing, model R98X, in its air chuck version: a hi-tech line which combines all the best experiences of the past and allows reduction of production costs and startup waste, thanks to unique solutions shortening job change-over time through the efficient handling of printing cylinder and inking system, as well as to the state-of-the-art Autopreset system.
This printing unit features an innovative new generation of drying hoods, significantly improved in terms of energy savings, ergonomics and integration of machine control with the new Industry 4.0 Technology. Thanks to numerous tests run in the R&D Center, Cerutti has been able to make significant steps forward in all the key-areas of the new ventilation system launched at the Fair.
Cerutti has decided to seize the opportunity given by Print4All 2018 trade show event to present also STAR: a brand-new Division fully dedicated to after-sale services. STAR will take care of the press from the start-up during all its long lifecycle, thanks to a complete portfolio of digital-oriented activities, studied to bring a new life to the press and improve its performances in time!
Beside many other key features, STAR will offer 24/7 assistance, with a new backoffice where to track issues, find incidents reports, and other interesting information about press job. A dashboard dedicated to IOT telemetries will be provided, in order to track and control the machines, and obtain interesting information about jobs, changeovers, speeds, temperatures, all info that can be useful for a predictive maintenance.
“We are highly satisfied for the numerous visitors that we have welcomed in our stand, both Italian and European. Many delegations also came from Middle East and North Africa: this is the proof that Italian technology is always extremely attractive, a real benchmark for the sector” stated Dr. Giancarlo Cerutti, Chairman and CEO of Cerutti Packaging Equipment, at the end of Print4All.