Gruppo Cerutti

Cerutti Spare Parts Service

15  giugno  2015

The new Cerutti Spare Parts Service is now operating

Dear Customer,
We are pleased to announce Cerutti’s intention to optimize their spare parts service to  answer your requirements forthwith, promptly and efficiently.
Our project is by now a reality and also our informatics system  will be very soon operative!
Starting from today’s date our new Team is ready to receive your inquiries and your orders for spares at the following  e-mail address:
Within our working Team, your contacts will be from now onwards the following:
Daniela Martinotti
tel. +39.0142.459407 / e-mail:         
Gian Franca Cappone
tel. +39.0142.459326 / e-mail:     
Barbara Ciceri
tel. +39.0142.459442 / e-mail:         
Monica Cerruti
tel. +39.0142.459383 / e-mail:

Lorenzo Simonazzi
tel. +39.0142.459380 / e-mail:     
Cerutti new Team is at your disposal, they will do their very best, with proficiency and competence.