In November, 2003 the new Cerutti Research Centre opened in Vercelli. The Cerutti Group has thus broadened its horizon, adding a valuable element to the development of the Company.

"A new step forward along our path of growth" commented Giancarlo Cerutti, President and CEO; "product innovation and basic research have been essential since the days of my grandfather Giovanni and my father Luigi". 

In the current challenging market, the role of Innovation is becoming more and more crucial.  For this reason not only the R & D technicians are involved in the new projects; the process of innovating needs to involve each Department of the Company, starting with Marketing (to foresee future trends), to the Service Department (to monitor the Customer’s satisfaction through the whole life cycle of the products).

When a new project starts, proficiency skills needed to reach the target are analyzed in order to select the correct Team;  key staff are then physically moved from their every day work to a dedicated area in R & D, in order for them to concentrate 100% on the new project. In this innovation process, the ability of internally being able to physically test new developments is becoming a key point. For this reason the Research Centre has been equipped with presses suitable to develop research applicable to all sectors in which Cerutti operates.  In particular, there are currently installed two gravure presses for printing on flexible materials and a converting line, equipped with a set of multipurpose trolleys for covering a wide range of applications in the area of coating and lamination.

Continuous contact with our Customers is important to properly understand their needs and cooperate with them to solve their issues. For this reason, the Research Centre is often hosting trials organized to test specific productions in cooperation with printer or converter requirements. 

Please share with us your technical problems and your targets - we will do our best to show you that we can satisfy your needs!